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HAOCEN has been given strong support by national, provincial, municipal leaders over the past years, which strengthens our faith and determination in the development of the Company, and encourages us to continuously strive for rise of the national enterprises. HAOCEN is aiming to establish an enterprise responsible for the society and the country. Under the business philosophy of “Concerning the World” and “Contributing to the Country by Developing Industry”, targeting at revitalizing national industry, we are striving to serve the country and contribute to the society by our actions. Therefore, the Company always takes into account the benefits of the society while being in the pursuit of economic profits, and never pursuing its own interests at the expense of the country and the society, always operating and developing under the business spirit of high standard self-discipline principle, thus achieving the multi-harmony and unity between the enterprise’s business and the society, and living up to the expectations from the leaders at all levels to HAOCEN.

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